Archaios Muthos Playing Cards

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This is a PREORDER! The decks are currently in production and shipping will start approximately in June 2021! :)

The design of Archaios Muthos Playing Cards is inspired by ancient Greek mythology and features the gods, goddesses, heroes, and monsters of ancient Greece. Archaios (Greek: ἀρχαῖος) translates to ancient and original. Muthos (Greek: μῦθος) translates to tales, legends, and myths.

I will be printing with WJPC. The deck contains 54 hand-illustrated cards and will have matte black edges and a soft touch butter finish. The tuck-box will be printed on black silk paper with silver-foil stamping and sealed with a numbered custom sticker seal.

I'm very excited to share this hand-illustrated deck with you. The Archaios Muthos features over 300 hours of illustration work.

♣ Limited Edition (1000 in total)
♣ 54 cards
♣ Pencil-illustrated
♣ Cards with matte black edges
♣ Silver-foil stamping on tuck-box
♣ Numbered custom sticker seal

This is a PREORDER as the decks are currently in production. Shipping will start in approximately 10 weeks (June 2021). Please keep that in mind when ordering!
All parcels will be shipped via Priority Mail and international tracking.