The Inner Guidance Oracle Deck

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This 40 card Oracle deck helps you channeling messages from your Guides and Higher-Self to help you on your soul's unique path of growth, transformation, wisdom, and healing. You may find additional meaning in hidden symbols, colors, and shapes within the imagery of each card. If you feel drawn to this deck, then it is meant for you.

In the guidebook, each card's message is detailed with:
☆ The essential meaning
☆ A more focused message/advice from your Guides
☆ Keywords
☆ Symbolism

Details & numbers:
☆ Cards per deck: 40 cards per deck
☆ Dimension: 89mm x 127mm | 3.5 x 5 inches
☆ Material: 350gsm premium card stock
☆ Packaging: Two-part rigid box
☆ Numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity (first edition)

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